Invited Speakers

Invited Speakers


Judith Green, Professor Emeritus of Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara

Judith Green is a Professor Emeritus of Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Green’s teaching and research focus on teaching-learning relationships, disciplinary knowledge as socially constructed, and ethnographic research and discourse studies of the patterns of everyday life in both physical and virtual classrooms.



Simon Buckingham Shum Professor of Learning Informatics, and Director of the Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC) UTS, Sydney

Simon Buckingham Shum is Professor of Learning Informatics, and Director of the Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC). CIC works at the intersection of research and teaching/learning, to break new ground in the use of data and analytics within UTS.
Prior to joining UTS (Aug 2014) Simon was Professor of Learning Informatics and Associate Director (Technology) at the the UK Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute, a 70-strong lab researching the future internet for the knowledge society, and applications into the OU.



Iris Tabak, Professor of Education, The Department Of Education, Ben-Gurion University

Dr. Iris Tabak is interested in the ways in which complex reasoning is mediated through material tools and social interactions. She engages in empirical (mixed-method) study of reasoning in naturalistic and laboratory settings. Recently, she has been interested in evidence-based reasoning in health care among both professionals and lay people. She also designs and studies the use of learning technologies, and has been part of the CoReflect project, and the BGuILE project, where she developed The Galapagos Finches software. In addition to empirical and design research, Tabak is interested in the advancement of research methods, and in theoretical conceptualization, and was part of the Spencer Foundation Advanced Studies Institute on Design-based Research Methods, and has written about the conceptualization of distributed scaffolding and of context.

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