Pre-conference Workshops & Tutorials

Pre-conference Workshops and Tutorials

The ICLS 2018 Pre-Conference Workshops and Tutorials Committee invites submissions of proposals for Pre-Conference Events. The goal of these events is to provide an opportunity for extended networking, discussion, and collaboration around contemporary issues of scholarly interest in the Learning Sciences. Individuals and groups are invited to submit a proposal for a pre-conference workshop or tutorial. Workshops and tutorials can take a number of creative interactive formats, and can be either half- or full-day events. Full-day workshops will be scheduled on Saturday June 23rd, and half-day workshops on Sunday June 24th. The main conference program will begin on the afternoon of Sunday June 24th.

Pre-conference events should cohere with the conference theme, Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age: Making the Learning Sciences Count. Workshops and tutorials are distinguished as follows:
The purpose of a workshop is to provide novel experiences in bridge building, critique, extended discussions or collaborative design work. Workshops should be designed as collaborative knowledge-building sessions on a focused issue, where participants actively work together (e.g., analyzing data, discussing design criteria, collaborating on a research project). Substantial time should be allocated for interaction between participants. The presentation of a set of related papers (e.g., a symposium) is not considered a workshop.

The purpose of a tutorial is to enable members of the learning sciences community to learn about particular technologies, methodologies or theoretical approaches. Tutorials should be designed as collaborative skill-building and hands-on experiences for novices that are facilitated by experts. Tutorials should stimulate active participation and interaction between participants as well.

Innovative format submissions are encouraged, provided they are within the scope of a workshop or tutorial.

All workshops/tutorials will have a nominal registration fee to be paid by attendees separate from conference registration to cover basic facilities costs. Workshops/tutorials will be free to the organizers of their own workshop (up to three organizers). Workshop and tutorial organizers and participants are required to register for the full conference. It is not possible to register only for pre-conference events. ISLS is not responsible for any expenses associated with travel, lodging, conference registration, or other living expenses during the conference, even in the event that the workshop must be canceled due to lack of interest.
The conference will cover the cost of space and equipment needed for a workshop within the amenities available at the specific conference venue. However, all other potential expenses are the responsibility of the workshop organizers.
If fewer than 6 individuals sign up for a workshop by 3 weeks prior to the conference, ISLS retains the right to cancel the workshop. It is the responsibility of the workshop organizer to monitor registration with the conference organizers.

Submission Instructions

  • Proposals for full or half-day events should be written in English.
  • The proposal need not be formatted according to the proceedings template.
  • The proposal for the tutorial or workshop enables the pre-conference co-chairs to evaluate not only the content of the event, but also the organization of the event. The description should be written with the pre-conference co-chairs as the intended audience, telling us about practical issues that enables us to evaluate the proposal. The descriptions should not exceed 4 pages, and should include:
  • Workshop Title
  • Proposers/Organizers’ names, affiliations, contact information, and backgrounds, including prior experience in conducting such events
  • Intended audience
  • Duration of event (half day, i.e., 3.5 hrs, or full day, i.e. 7-8 hrs + lunch)
  • Description of the event that includes:
    • Theme and goals
    • Theoretical background and relevance to field and conference
    • Expected outcomes and contributions
  • Participation requirements (how tutorial or workshop participants will be chosen)
  • Relationship to similar events conducted in the past (e.g., at ICLS or CSCL), if any
  • Facilities and equipment required (Please be specific if you feel you will require anything beyond a normal projector provided at typical conference)
  • Minimal and maximal number of participants expected
  • A description of how you will solicit participation including a draft call for participation that will be posted by organizers on the ICLS 2018 website if the event is accepted
  • The submission system for submission of pre-conference events is located at
  • Submission Deadline: 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8), December 15, 2017

Proposal Selection Process
Proposals will be reviewed by the pre-conference co-chairs. Proposals may also be reviewed by additional judges at the discretion of the co-chairs.

  • If two proposals are found to be very similar, organizers will be asked to consider whether to merge the proposals, to coordinate with morning and afternoon sessions, or to justify the viability of running the events in conflict with each other.
  • We expect to send out acceptance notifications during January 2018.
  • Organizers will be responsible for soliciting and selecting participants through the use of the conference website. To help support this work, selected organizers will be asked to create a one-minute video describing their workshop and why people would want to attend. More information on this process will be provided when proposals are selected.

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