Conference Theme

About the Conference Theme:
The fast paced changes in the workplace, including within education, are altering what we need to learn and how we need to teach it. This situation makes the learning sciences even more important. Learning science can lead the way in helping researchers and practitioners to: unpack the complexity of the learning and teaching process, explore learning in real-world settings, and understand how learning may be facilitated both with and without technology. The theory and methods of the Learning Sciences, along with their substantial body of empirical evidence put the Learning Sciences in a unique position to offer guidance and insight to wide body of educational stakeholders. We welcome papers that aim to improve our understanding of learning, the impact of the modern world on learning and alternative views of learning. We also encourage papers that build on interdisciplinary research, as well as papers that help to set the programmatic agenda for the future of learning sciences research. In particular, for 2018 we are also looking for papers that illustrate how the learning sciences can impact upon the work of the two co-located conferences: AIED and Learning@Scale, and upon the development of commercial educational technology.